Is The Video Poker A Game Of Skill Or Chance?

There are many video poker loyalists in land-based casinos or online casinos, who have put in lots of their time and effort into the video poker game. To your astonishment, there are people who have devoted their whole life to the game. This category of gamers must have read each and every book on the subject and have concluded that the video poker game is the only game that can be beaten. They have studied each and every variant of video poker and have come to the conclusion that it is actually possible to win regularly. If you tell them that video poker is a game of luck, then they might start laughing at you. These gamers will never ever believe that the video poker game is just a game of luck. But are they right?

Similar to the game of Texas Hold’em, even the video poker machines have a lot of random hands and the same gives the gamer a chance to make the best out of the hand they are dealing with. The random hand is actually the valid poker hand and therefore, it gives the gamer a chance to control the end result of the game.

There are lots of people opposing the view who argue that the video poker game is completely a game of luck and probability. They further comment that the game is purely based on the random number generator, as slot machines are. Just like the slot machines, the random number generator is set to get a particular outcome at a particular point in time. These types of people also try to convince you by saying that in the case of the online gaming of video poker you completely go in an illusory world and have a feeling that you are controlling the game, but the fact is otherwise.

Is there a unique truth behind these different video poker views? What I can say is that the game is indeed dependent on perfect gaming. If you know how to play the game properly, the outcome can be very favorable, and therefore the chances of beating the house increase. This is even more true for poker games like the Texas Hold’em where you face real opponents, anyone with his own weakness you can take advantage of.  

It stands the fact that the random number generator plays of course an important role in your initial hands at video poker. Your skill plays instead a role when you discard the cards optimally to make the best potential winning hand. This topic is extremely debatable and the argument will just go on and on.  Finally, you can rely on the books written on video poker and you can make yourself clear of the fact that it is largely a skill game.

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